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WEBINAR: What Do Educators Want and Need From Education Technologies?

WEBINAR: What Do Educators Want and Need From Education Technologies?

The rapid adoption of education technology across the sector over the past 12 months has been an exciting and challenging time. Although the uptake of technology by learners, staff and educators has been impressive, the speed and circumstances in which Schools and the wider education sector have had to manage the process has resulted in a number of challenges.

As such, we are delighted to be hosting this exciting webinar designed for leading EdTech suppliers and frontline users and practitioners of EdTech.

Hosted by Bukky Yusuf and including contributions from Michael Foreshaw, Sobia Iqbal and Ismail Dhan, this panel of experts will be taking a step back from the intense adoption of EdTech over the past 12 months to review what has worked, what obstacles we have faced, what we will need in the future and really dig deep into what the sector needs from suppliers.

Key topics covered will include:

- A year since the start of lockdowns and the push for remote learning, how have the viewpoint and needs of educators changed?
Reviewing the current UK EdTech market - what is available and what works?

- Evidence of impact - the importance of employing technologies that do make a difference on learner's outcomes and effectiveness of teaching.

- Helping educational institutions make the right choice in adopting tools and platforms that guarantee a Return on Investment, especially in a scenario of limited resources.

- How can education leaders and EdTech companies work together to make digital learning sustainable in the perspective of a permanent return to face-to-face teaching and learning?

- By joining this session you will have a chance to take part in an interactive Q&A session after hearing from industry experts on what education leaders need from leading EdTech suppliers.

Speakers Include: