What effects will Brexit have on the UK education system?

September 27, 2019 Chris Callaghan

  • What effects will Brexit have on the UK education system, in particular, primary and secondary schools?

We could expect a shortage of EU teachers – particularly for modern languages – as they feel increasingly unwelcome.  It will also be more difficult to recruit ancillary, support staff.  The opportunities for exchanges with European schools and pupils will also be reduced.

  • What is the future for Academies and Free

We prefer local government schools, with national
oversight.  Successful academies and free
schools can add to educational provision, but I cannot tell how they will fare
in future.

  • LibDem’s plan for education involves a
    substantial increase in investment. Would this be sustainable in the
    medium-longer term?

Investment in education is never lost.  It is shameful to hear of young people who
leave full-time education functionally illiterate and innumerate.  We would reduce bureaucracy to enable
teachers to spend more time on real teaching. 
Economies would show in less truancy, fewer young offenders and more
people playing an active part in the work of the country.

  • What is LibDem’s plan to tackle teacher’s
    retention and recruitment crisis?

As above – reduce pointless measuring and reporting to
enable teachers to concentrate on teaching. 
Create better provision for  SEND
pupils to so that they do not create disruption in mainstream classes, but have
every opportunity to reach their potential.

  • What is your party’s policy on curriculum?

We would like a curriculum which enables young people to
emerge as good citizens, with a breadth of subjects, academic and practical,
sciences, arts, humanities, sport, music. 
We would like to see better provision for more practical and less
academic students who would benefit more from apprenticeships than universities
and put an end to schools being mainly measured on GCSE, A levels and
university entrances.  The curriculum
should respond to the needs, talents and aspirations of pupils.

  •  Could you
    tell us more about the LibDem’s plans to improve children’s wellbeing?

We hope to see more provision for mental health and wellbeing, as a key part of teacher training.  If the curriculum is more responsive to young people’s interests and abilities, they will be more confident about learning and feel better about themselves.

Baroness Sue Garden, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, Liberal Democrats will be a part of a Political Panel – A New Future for Schools? Join us on the 14th November at the Main Stage to hear a lively debate between:

  • Mike Kane MP, Shadow Minister for Schools, Member of Parliament for Wythenshawe & Sale Ease
  • Baroness Sue Garden, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, Liberal Democrats
  • Vix Lowthion, Educational Spokesperson, The Green Party

Chaired by Andy Mellor, National Immediate Past President, NAHT

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