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Are Trusts the Answer to the Changing Nature of Schools?

Schools & Academies Show London 2023 
Trust & Trustees Theatre | Are Trusts the Answer to the Changing Nature of Schools?

Our expert panel joined the Trust & Trustees Theatre during the Schools & Academies Show London 2023 to discuss the role of academies, trusts and MATs in the ever-changing educational landscape and whether they are equipped to find solutions to the current challenges facing the wider sector. 

The session revolved around the following key points:

  • How has the pandemic and cost of living crisis affected the core function of schools?  
  • Can schools adapt to new demands whilst focusing on the key mission of their setting?
  • Should trust resources be allocated for non-teaching and learning purposes?  

Panel Speakers:

  • Sir Andrew Carter K.B.E, CEO, South Farnham Educational Trust
  • Bushra Nasir CBE DL, Chief Executive Officer, Drapers Multi-Academy Trust
  • Dr Trevor Male, UCL Centre for Educational Leadership, Institute of Education
  • John Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, Oasis Community Learning
  • Rowena Hackwood, CEO, Astrea Academy Trust
  • Professor Lindsey Macmillan, Professor of Economics, University College London

You can now access the session on-demand below and listen at your convenience!


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