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Gamification of Education

Gamification and eLearning can provide a positive impact on students learning, engagement and behaviour. Research studies support the idea that gamification can enhance levels of students engagement, improve skills and optimise learning.
Re-watch this session from the Schools & Academies Show London where our panel of EdTech & eSport specialists, deep dive into the ways the education sector can benefit from gamification and much more.  
This session will focus on the following key areas:
  • Developing skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution through game development  
  • Bringing academic credibility to games development  
  • Incorporating learning from all subjects into game development  

  • Irfan Latif, Principal, DLD College London
  • Elliot Mack, Co-Founder & CEO, Daigon
  • Professor Bobbie Fletcher, Academic Director, College of Esports
  • Chair: Alex Wallace, Content Manager, Schools & Academies Show 


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