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How to Plan a School Budget in Changing Circumstances

Schools across the country are under constant financial pressures as a result of rising costs, funding cuts and staff shortages, and it is imperative for schools to stay within budget while retaining the ability to provide the best possible education for pupils. Effective financial planning and management is essential for all school business managers to navigate these difficulties successfully. 

Tune into this on-demand session with Simon Oxenham, Director of Resources, Southend High School for Boys as he provides expert advice to help you plan your budget accordingly in light of changing circumstances.

The session focuses on the following topics:
  • How to overcome the challenges for accurate forecasting and budgeting 
  • Navigating fluid situations, with the resources you have 
  • The process of risk assessing your three-year budget

You can tune into the session on-demand below and listen at your convenience!


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