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Podcast | Season 1 | Episode 38: An Introduction to the National Network of Special Schools (NNoSS)

📎 An Introduction to the National Network of Special Schools – Help to Shape the Future for Special Schools

  • NNoSS, an inclusive network for all for School Business Professionals in England’s Special Schools and Alternative Provision.
  • Good and best practice in special schools
  • Driving and delivering change in schools’ buying practices
  • Making connections with peers from across the country
  • How your contribution can help shape and develop the network’s growth and value.

💡 Pauline Aitchison, Deputy Director, Schools North East

💡 Catherine Kelsall, School Engagement Lead - Schools Commercial Team, Department for Education

💡 Stephen Morales, Chief Executive, Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL)

💡 Professor Adam Boddison, Chief Executive, nasen

💡 Victoria Scranage, School Business Manager, Quest Academy

🏫 This episode was recorded live on 14th October 2020. You can find the video of the webinar at this link.

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