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Podcast | Season 4 | Episode 1: Governor Recruitment and The State of School Governance

Season 4 | Episode 1: Governor Recruitment and the State of School Governance feat. Olivia D. Hinds

Welcome to the new season of the Schools & Academies Show Podcast. Our new format, for the new season, will take a more conversational approach.  This way we seek to provide you with great in -depth analysis and discussion of a topic, whilst yielding valuable insights from a carefully selected expert. 


This month we are delighted to be  joined by Olivia D Hinds. Olivia is a school governor, marketing expert and creator and host of The Governors' Podcast. Make sure you check out her podcast. Olivia sheds light on all things governance related, from recruiting  governors to the skills required for a great governing board, and much, much more in between.

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Olivia D Hinds is the creator and host of The Governors' Podcast, a co-opted governor in a selective secondary school and a member of the Joint Advisory Education and Safeguarding Group for a medium-sized MAT/Foundation in Birmingham. Though she wears several hats both inside and outside the education governance space. Since 2017, after successfully completing a corporate governance course, Olivia has been on her governance journey starting as a school governor at the age of 23. With over a decade of experience as a sought-after private tutor and student coach, she champions the younger voice in all of her endeavours.

Olivia is purpose-led and people-focused, and continues to creatively educate current and future generations on how to better understand yourself, work in collaboration with others, and move forward, further and faster. Olivia's proactivity and content delivery in the online/digital, social media and education governance spaces engages and empowers individuals and organisations to first go inward, in order to effectively reach and connect with their communities and wider stakeholder groups. As an unapologetic millennial Black woman, Olivia uses her story and lived experiences to lower barriers and raise aspirations, making your higher self more tangible.

Listen to the full episode below.


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