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The Schools CEO Conversation: Defining the Strong Trust

The Schools CEO Conversation: Defining the Strong Trust

Following the publication of the Schools White Paper, outlining the government's plans for all schools in England to join MATs by 2030, our panel joined the Trust & Trustees Theatre at the Schools & Academies Show London in April 2022 to discuss what a 'strong' trust means in practice and the importance of having a shared understanding of what a strong trust is.

The session focuses on the following key points:

  • With “Strong Trusts” being in vogue, what is the common understanding of strength in the context of trust performance and management?
  • What should your trust be looking to achieve to be regarded as ‘strong’?
  • What role does and should public service and civic duty play in the definition of a trust’s purpose and thus performance?
  • Are there inherent understandings of the role of growth in our definition of strong trusts and does this require a rethink?

Panel Speakers:

  • Colin Mackinlay, CEO, Russell Education Trust
  • Rhona Barnfield CBE, CEO, The Howard Partnership Trust 
  • Rowena Hackwood, CEO, Astrea Academy Trust
  • Chair: Steve Rollett, Deputy CEO, Confederation of School Trusts

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