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The Sector Responds: The SEND Review in Review

Our expert panel joined the SEND Theatre at the Schools & Academies Show London in April 2022 to discuss the SEND Review and what it means for the education sector. 

This panel discussion focuses on the following key points:

  • Have the delays to the review improved it’s understanding of the sector, or watered it down?
  • Is the review supporting improvements to the system or is it opening the door to unnecessary reforms?
  • How will transparency and accountability be handled under the new implementation of SEND provision?

Panel Speakers:

  • Bart Shaw, Head of Policy, Centre for Education and Youth 
  • Emmanuel Awoyelu, Assistant Head Teacher, Eastbury Community School
  • Frances Akinde, Headteacher, Rivermead Inclusive Trust 
  • Mrunal Sisodia, Co-Chair, National Network of Parent Carer Forums
  • Chair: Tania Tirraoro, Founder & Co-Director, Special Needs Jungle

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