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Supporting Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Children: The 11 Questions School Leaders and Teachers Should Consider

With the ever-changing needs of children and young people with SEND being further impacted by the global pandemic, Sonia Blandford and Marius Frank at Achievement for All highlight 11 key points for consideration by school leaders and teachers, to help improve support and overcome key challenges.

  1. How frequently are you in contact with parents, carers and their children? 

  2. How much guidance on structure, food, safety, health and wellbeing have you provided? 

  3. How many staff are actively engaged in supporting EHCP children and young people? Can the load be spread? 

  4. How many staff are engaged in supporting disadvantaged children and young people? Can the load be shared

  5. How many children and young people are reported under safeguarding regulations? How perceptive are frontline teachers and teaching assistants to the signs of neglect and abuse

  6. How many staff are engaged in supporting children and young people reported under safeguarding regulations? 

  7. How many children and young people have not been in contact with a teacher since the start of school closure? 

  8. How are these children and young people being tracked? Followed up? 

  9. How are staff responsible for safeguarding, EHCP and FSM being supported? 

  10. How do you know that 100% of your school’s community are safe at this time? This includes all staff, from caretaker and teaching assistants through to the Principal and Senior Leaders. How do you look after each other?

  11. How proactive have you been in ensuring many of the above issues are targeted and in place before a crisis like Covid-19 hits your school community? 

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