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Understanding the Revised ISBL Professional Standards

The ISBL Standards establish a clear blueprint for effective school and academy business leaders, celebrating existing best practice. They also provide a framework for continued professional development, career progression planning and are designed to assist performance management. 

In 2023, the ISBL released revised professionals standards for the business profession. Stephen Morales, CEO of ISBL joined the Schools & Academies Show 2023 to discuss these revised changes further and delved into the steps school business managers can take in order to effectively meet the new standards. 

SAAS BRIM 2023 Set 3 325

The session was focused on the following topics:
  • How the standards will support your work in schools  
  • What the standards mean for the professional body  
  • Steps to take in order to meet the new standards 

You can tune into the session on-demand below and listen at your convenience!


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