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The Role of Governors in Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools

With the launch of term two of Wellbeing Governors to start the new year, Governors for Schools share some insights into their work around improving mental health and wellbeing support.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed the issue of mental health and wellbeing at the forefront of schools. But it’s a subject that’s been of concern for some time, and will continue to be long after the effects of the pandemic end.

School governors have a role to play in mitigating the effects of work stress on teachers and school staff. Through supporting and challenging the school leadership team, governors can help make sure policies are in place to protect school staff’s mental health and wellbeing, at a time when it’s needed more than ever.

Given the current situation with the pandemic, improving mental health and wellbeing in schools may feel like a daunting proposition. But, as the Wellbeing Governors campaign has shown so far, keeping mental health and wellbeing on the agenda all year round is key to a mentally healthy school, both for pupils and staff alike. Making mental health and wellbeing part of the school culture brings other net positive effects – pupils learn more effectively, and teacher retention is improved, amongst an array of other benefits.

As part of the campaign, we’ll share resources throughout the term to help governors in their role. The articles, blogs, and questions we’ve created are relevant for both link governors for wellbeing, and the wider board. Their aim is to give governors guidance around the kinds of questions they should be asking, what they should be measuring, and how to monitor information, so that mental health and wellbeing remains a regular item on meeting agendas.

We’re working with a number of organisations including WelbeeWhat Works Wellbeing, and Education Support, who have expert knowledge around supporting school staff’s mental health and wellbeing.

Find more information about all the resources available via Governors for Schools here

This article originally featured on the Governors for Schools website. 

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