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What to Expect from the School Estates Summit 2024

Estates Management and Ensuring Compliance: Why You Can't Miss the Estates Summit at the Schools & Academies Show 2024 

As a school estates professional, your role plays a critical yet often under-sung part in ensuring a smooth-running learning environment. From maintaining facilities to navigating complex compliance regulations, you juggle multiple responsibilities under constant pressure. This year, equip yourself with the knowledge and connections you need to excel at the School Estates Summit, co-located with the Schools & Academies Show London 2024 at the ExCeL London on May 1st 2024. 

Why attend the Estates Summit? 

The summit offers a unique opportunity to delve into the two key pillars of successful school estates management: maintenance and compliance. Two dedicated theatres will provide in-depth insights, practical solutions, and valuable networking opportunities across these crucial areas. 

Sustainability & Estates Theatre 

In this theatre, delve into the art and science of keeping your school facilities running smoothly, cost-effectively and developing your estate strategy. Here's what you can expect: 

  • Cutting-edge maintenance strategies: Learn from industry experts about the latest best practices in planned preventative maintenance, condition-based monitoring, and reactive repair approaches. Discover how data-driven solutions and innovative technologies can improve efficiency and optimise resource allocation, so you can avoid short term fixes and think about long term solutions. 
  • Maximising lifespan and value: Uncover strategies for extending the life of your school buildings and assets, ensuring you take a strategic approach to your estates management.  Explore topics like material selection, preventative measures against wear and tear, and sustainable refurbishment strategies. Gain insights into cost-effective ways to enhance the value of your estate and ensure your buildings are fit for purpose. 
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability: Explore ways to reduce your school's energy consumption and environmental impact. Learn about renewable energy sources, building fabric improvements, and energy management best practices. Discover funding opportunities and support networks to help you achieve your sustainability goals. 
  • Case studies and real-world examples: Gain valuable insights from practical case studies showcasing successful maintenance and efficiency initiatives implemented by other schools and academies. Learn from their successes and challenges to tailor solutions for your own context. 

Compliance Theatre 

Staying compliant with ever-evolving regulations can be a daunting task. This theatre offers practical guidance and expert advice to ensure your school estate meets all legal requirements. 

  • Essential compliance updates: Gain a comprehensive overview of the latest changes and updates to key compliance areas, including fire safety, building regulations, accessibility standards, and health and safety legislation. Receive expert insights into their implications for your school estate. 
  • Demystifying complex requirements: Navigate the complexities of compliance with practical guidance and checklists. Understand your roles and responsibilities, and learn how to implement effective compliance management systems. 
  • Managing risk and mitigating liability: Identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in your school estate and learn how to mitigate them. Discover best practices for responding to incidents and accidents, and ensure you have the right insurance coverages in place. 
  • Collaboration and support networks: Connect with other professionals navigating similar challenges and share best practices. Discover support networks and resources available to help you maintain compliance effectively. 

More Than Just Learning: The Network Effect 

Attending the Estates Summit isn't just about gaining knowledge; it's about building valuable connections. Network with: 

  • Industry experts: Engage with leading consultants, suppliers, and solution providers across maintenance and compliance domains. Discuss your challenges and find innovative solutions tailored to your school's needs. 
  • Fellow professionals: Connect with colleagues from other schools and academies, share experiences, and learn from each other's successes and challenges. Build a network of support and collaboration for ongoing challenges. 
  • Suppliers and service providers: Meet a wide range of companies offering products and services relevant to school estates, allowing you to compare options and find the best solutions for your specific needs and budget. 

Why Should You Attend? 

By attending the Estates Summit, you'll gain: 

  • Invaluable knowledge and practical tools: Deepen your understanding of effective maintenance strategies and essential compliance requirements. 
  • Improved efficiency and cost savings: Discover ways to optimise your school's maintenance operations and achieve long-term cost savings. 
  • Reduced risk and enhanced safety: Gain confidence in your compliance measures and minimise potential risks associated with non-compliance. 
  • Valuable connections and a support network: Build strong relationships with industry experts, colleagues, and potential partners, creating a network for ongoing collaboration and support. 
  • Peace of mind: Knowing you are equipped with the knowledge and resources to effectively manage your school estate, ensuring a safe and well-maintained learning environment for students and staff. 

As the Estates Summit is co-located with the Schools & Academies Show London, you’ll have access to all of the content on offer, including our Business and Finance Theatre. A space dedicated to supporting the financial security and maintenance of your trust or school.  

So weather you're and estates professional or a facilities manager, be sure to register your place at the Estates Summit by registering your ticket here. 

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