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What’s to Come for Schools Funding?

What’s to Come for Schools Funding?

This panel discussion was featured on the Main Stage at the Schools & Academies Show London in April 2022, exploring the future of schools funding in light of the Schools White Paper. 

The session focuses on the following key areas:

  • What additional funding will be needed to fight the still on-going effects of the pandemic on the school system?
  • Beyond the adequacy of the National Funding Formula, a medium-term vision is needed to reassess the status of the sector after the influx of emergency funding
  • Assessing the current effectiveness of funding and what is available for schools to plug the gaps in their budgets
  • Equity within a trust: the effects of re-distributive models

Panel Speakers:

  • Alison Moon, Trust Business Manager & Company Secretary, Veritas Multi-Academy Trust 
  • Julia Harnden, Funding Specialist, ASCL 
  • Stephen Morales, CEO, ISBL
  • Tom Goldman, Deputy Director, Funding Policy Unit, Department for Education 
  • Rachel Sylvester, Political Editor & Chair, The Times & the Times Education Commission 

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