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The Academisation of Schools Process: What You Need to Know

Unwrapping the Academisation of Schools Process

Gail Brown, CEO and Executive Headteacher, Ebor Academy Trust and Jenn Plews, CEO, Northern Star Academies Trust joined us for the Schools & Academies Show Extra, to have a discussion on the academisation process and explore the key things they think you'll need to know if you are considering this journey.

The discussion focuses on the following points:

  • The academisation of schools timeline, how long to expect the process to take and relevant checkpoints along the way
  • Who is involved in the decision to become an academy?
  • Joining an established MAT versus creating your own Trust. How to do both and which is better for your school?
  • What processes and responsibilities in your school will you have to change?
  • What are your local authorities’ internal processes which could affect the process?
  • Available support after opening as an academy

Interested in finding out more? The full session is available to watch on demand below!


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