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Arriving Late to the Trust Party

Arriving Late to the Trust Party

Our expert panel joined the Trust & Trustees Theatre at the Schools & Academies Show Birmingham to discuss the process of joining or forming a trust for schools following the release of the Schools White Paper. 

The panel discussion was focused on the following key points:

  • Is it too late for schools to start forming their own trusts?
  • How to find a trust compatible with your pedagogical vision?
  • How will Local Education Authorities’ new powers impact school choice when seeking to join a trust?
  • Can schools maintain their identity within a trust?
  • Are schools unique and can they be unique within a trust?

Panel Speakers:

  • Sir Andrew Carter K.B.E, CEO, South Farnham Educational Trust
  • Emma Knights OBE, CEO, National Governance Association
  • Jim Bowyer, CEO, Skylark Partnership Trust
  • Neil Collins, Found and Director, GovenorHub
  • Paul Ainsworth, Education Director, Infinity Academies Trust
  • Wendy Hemmingsley, CEO, The Mill Academy Trust & Headteacher, The Henry Box School


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