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Best Practice for Data Strategies in a Trust

Best Practice for Data Strategies in a Trust

Our specialist speaker, Vicky Merrick, delivered a timely session in the EdTech Theatre at The Schools and Academies Show bringing insight into the best practice tactics an education institution can employ in order to develop a successful data strategy.

The rapid growth of the use of technology in education has had an impact on the ways we should collect and use data. In this session Vicky goes into more detail on this topic with best practice tips and real-life examples from her work.

This video focuses on the following key points:

  • Elements involved in the creation, implementation and maintenance of a data strategy across a group of schools
  • Why it matters- benefits of a coherent approach to data collection, labelling and usage
  • Assessing pupils’ progress


  • Vicky Merrick, MAT Data Strategy and Impact, Archway Learning Trust

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