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Embracing the 2030 Agenda & Leading on the Schools System Transformation

Embracing the 2030 Agenda and Leading on the Schools System Transformation

Our panel at the Schools & Academies Show London in April 2022 take a deep dive into what the education is facing between now and 2030.

The session focuses on the following key points:

  • How the landscape of education will change as we approach the government’s target of full academisation by 2030
  • The importance for school leaders to drive the conversation and influence policymaking on the structure of the school system
  • Understanding successful school improvement models and evaluating the relationships between schools and local authorities
  • Identifying best school models and leveraging the scale power of a trust to benefit an increasing number of children

Panel Speakers:

  • Sir Alan Wood CBE, Founder, The Learning Trust 
  • Joe Hallgarten, CEO, Centre for Education and Youth
  • Mark Wilson, CEO, Wellspring Academy Trust & Winner of MAT of the Year at the National Schools Awards
  • Naureen Khalid, Chair, Newstead Wood School
  • Steve Rollett, Deputy CEO, Confederation of School Trusts
  • Chair: Rachel Sylvester, Political Editor & Chair, The Times & the Times Education Commission

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