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MAT Leadership Case Study: Building Best in Class Partnerships

Embark Federation: The MAT Dividend Made Manifest 

Coined by thought leader Sir David Carter, the 'MAT dividend' is the ability of trusts to demonstrate they are more than the sum of their individual schools. Many trusts speak about this, but one trust that really defines the 'demonstration' element of this is Embark Federation. Last week we were pleased to have hosted trust leader Matthew Crawford joined by Embark Federation's Marketing, Fundraising and Events Manager, Rosie Mclaughlin. 

We were given an insider's view into some of the partnerships which Matthew and Rosie had built to give all their students unforgettable experiences. Building effective partnerships and making partners work for you is an essential skill for leaders and school/trust professionals. We hope that you will find some useful insights to take back to your own setting via this on-demand video.   


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