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School Improvement and Governance: Change Starts from the Top

School Improvement and Governance: Change Starts from the Top

Governance professionals Emma Perkin and Ruth Agnew joined us in the School Improvement Theatre at the Schools & Academies Show London in April 2022, where they discussed the key principles of leadership of governance and how this drives school improvement. 

Their session focuses on the following key areas:

  • Uprooting our common understanding of governance to empower governors as engines for change rather than a system of checks and balances
  • Taking a literal interpretation for change: The value and timeliness of revitalising governance and best practice guidance for recruiting new governors.
  • Ensuring that leaders are susceptible to change by encouraging a culture of open discussion and embracing healthy criticism from governors


  • Emma Perkin, Co-Founder, Trust Governance Professionals
  • Ruth Agnew, Head of Governance, Co-Op Academies Trust

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