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The Teacher Internship Programme

Have you heard about the Teacher Internship Programme? 

Schools across England are opening their doors and offering selected, soon to be graduates the opportunity to undertake a four week, paid Teaching Internship, funded by the government.  

An ever increasing number of schools across England are choosing to grow their own teaching talent and are enjoying long-term retention results of employing dedicated, passionate STEM graduates as teaching apprentices.

The Teaching Internship programme is a great way for schools to showcase their school and identify star candidates that could then become Teaching Apprentices.

Who are we?

As the UK’s largest independent National ITT Provider, e-Qualitas are able to help schools source suitable STEM candidates to undertake a teaching internship in their school, and then support selected interns through our 12 month, Teaching Apprenticeship Programme, to gain QTS.

“Accessing the programme is really simple, the training materials are of such high quality, and mentors and staff from e-Qualitas are very knowledgeable.” 

Chris Wallis, Vice Principal at Spires Academy.

Financial Support for Schools

  • The government offers financial support to help schools host 4 week, paid internships. If you have not registered for this scheme you are also able to run your own internship programme funded by your school. 
  • If schools decide to take on any interns as Teacher Apprentices, there is generous Salary Grant funding available to help them cover some of the costs of employing them.

  • Salary Grants of £15,000 are available for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science trainees. There is an additional, one-off, £3,000 grant available to schools in 2021 that employ a new Teaching Apprentice.

  • When schools utilize their Apprenticeship levy to fund the initial teacher training fees, this pathway becomes a very clever and cost-effective way for schools to identify talent, grow their own teaching staff and take control of their long-term staffing needs.

Why are Schools Offering Teaching Internships?

  • The Teaching Internship Programmes offers schools the opportunity to welcome passionate STEM students into their school and provide them with insight into what it is like to be a teacher within their school community.

  • These internships allow schools to identify star interns to employ as Teaching Apprentices, who will then complete a 12 month, DfE approved, Teaching Apprenticeship in their school, and gain QTS.

How Much are Interns Paid? 

  • Schools accepted on the programme are offered government funding to pay students £300 per week, as long as they attend throughout the internship.

Who is Eligible to Apply for an Internship? 

  • Current university students, who are ideally studying STEM subjects and who are genuinely interested in the idea of pursuing teaching are able to apply.
  • Interns will also need to have achieved a standard equivalent to grade C/4, or above, in the GCSE examinations in English and mathematics. They will also need to have been ordinarily resident in the UK for 3 years. These are also prerequisites for the Teaching Apprenticeship Programme. To start an apprenticeship, graduates will also need to have achieved a degree of 2:2 or above.
  • The personal attributes we have found that make for a successful trainee teacher are;  self-motivation, ability to learn from experience and act on feedback, the capacity for hard work, perseverance, creativity, empathy, good organisational skills, and a liking for young people.
  • When schools utilize their Apprenticeship levy to fund initial teacher training fees, this pathway becomes a very clever and cost-effective way for schools to identify talent and take control of their long-term staffing needs.

How can we Help Your School Recruit Interns and Apprentices? 

  • e-Qualitas partners with individual schools and multi-academy trusts across England to deliver our DfE approved Teaching Apprenticeship Programme and various other ITT courses.

  • We offer a free recruitment service for schools that require help finding the right internship or apprenticeship candidates, and we regularly support schools that want to develop unqualified graduates who are already employed in their school.

  • We offer a free advertising and shortlisting service for schools. Schools are responsible for completing all employment checks.

  • We also offer Assessment Only, Tuition Fee and Schools Direct teacher training routes.

Find out more about the Teaching Apprenticeship programme.

Interested in talking to us about Teaching Internships or our Teaching Apprenticeship Programme? We would love to answer any questions and help you navigate the process. Contact Us