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Introducing the Teaching Vacancies Service

What is TVS?

Significant time and money can be spent on recruiting the right staff. In fact, research from PWC shows that schools in England spent in the region of £76m every year advertising their teaching vacancies; money that could be better spent on teaching salaries, supplies and estates rather than recruitment agencies.

Securing the right candidate for the job is all-important and it’s crucial that schools can reach the widest possible audience to view their vacancies.

Teachers are increasingly busy, so we are committed to creating an efficient job-search to ensure that they can focus on what they’re good at – brilliant teaching.

Both these needs are met with the new Teaching Vacancies Service, a service that benefits teachers as well as schools. It offers an easy-to-use vacancy listings service, free of charge, as well as national coverage for all teaching vacancies in primary and secondary publicly funded schools in England.

Why introduce it?

The Teaching Vacancies Service helps schools reduce the financial burden of advertising and recruiting teachers, whilst offering a trusted source of job opportunities to teachers searching for their next role.

It has been developed to provide national exposure both to schools and teachers looking for their next career move, on an official government platform.

To ensure we achieve as wide a coverage as possible for all teaching jobs, we use open data to list roles meaning that job listings are displayed by Google Jobs for even wider exposure.

Roundup of rollout

The pilot service launched in September 2018 and over 6000 schools have already signed up to the service, with more coming on board every week.

To ensure that the maximum number of teachers find their next role through Teaching Vacancies, we are launching a marketing campaign timed around peak teacher recruitment periods so that schools can be confident that their vacancies will be seen by as many candidates as possible.

The service is becoming more and more effective as schools sign up and post an increasing number of vacancies to a growing pool of applicants. All schools who are eligible for this free service have now been invited to sign up and start advertising their roles.

Visit us and sign up today

Register to get an invitation to sign-up to the Teaching Vacancies Service by clicking on Find a job in teaching – GOV.UK