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Unlocking Educational Potential: Why You Can't Miss Out on RISO at the Academies Show

The School and Academies Show provides the educational community with an array of
opportunities to strengthen their educational strategy. RISO have attended the exhibition in recent years in to provide your SLT with an educational solution to their academic dilemmas.

Since 2010, 70% of schools have experienced funding cuts leading to larger classes, reduced extracurricular activities and limited access to the help of teaching assistants (TAs) in classrooms. These
financial pressures placed upon schools have positioned academic leaders in a vulnerable place as
they are forced to make the decision to limit resources and budget, directly impacting students’
schooling experience.

Printing in schools has been calculated as one of the most costly segments, with an estimated
£60,000 spent on photocopying and one million paper sheets used annually per school. These
numbers don’t even account for the notorious waste amassed by ink smudges, smears, and paper
jams. Printing frustrations that are not only costly, but also time-consuming.

RISO has been supporting the education sector globally for 80 years and is passionate about
providing schools with a sustainable, reliable, low-cost printing solution. We understand the frustration
of wasting essential lesson time on printing materials and fighting with printers that constantly jam and
waste ink. RISO’s unrivalled reliability will allow you to produce high-quality resources to improve
traditional worksheets and provide vibrant visuals to enhance your lessons.

Whilst we are well aware that technology is developing and schools are becoming increasingly
digital, the use of physical materials is still crucial for your student's learning. Many students still lack
access to online resources, suggesting that physical resources such as booklets and worksheets
make a massive difference in providing equal access to educational growth and attainment. As well
as that, the increased use of digital materials leads to digital fatigue and diminished attention spans,
making it a challenge to ensure your students remain concentrated throughout the day.

Selecting the right provider for your school’s needs can be difficult, especially with the hassle of
printing contracts and procurements. Attending the exhibition can give you a fresh perspective on the
right service specifically catered to your needs, ranging from high volume to regular print loads. We
offer an easy three-step process: Speak to one of our specialists about your requirements, book a
mobile showroom and receive a no-obligation print review. This process will allow our team to ensure
your print costs are reduced and improve efficiency. If you believe that we aren’t right for you or need time to decide, then that’s completely fine. The review will be yours to keep, and we will always be available to answer any of your questions.

We have remained a trusted service provider for 30 years in the UK and really enjoy hearing from our
partners about their experience:

RISO as a company have really helped me to balance my books so many times. RISO has given
me sensible solutions to help me save money.”- Executive Headteacher at Towers Federation

Supporting schools (and learning) is one of the solutions we are most proud of at RISO, and we
look forward to building more connections and relationships with the education sector as more
schools learn about the potential of low-temperature printing and copying.


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