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Schools & Academies Show In Conversation with LinkyThinks

In Conversation with LinkyThinks

LinkyThinks, a band of three young brothers from Manchester, UK, joined forces in 2021 to take the education world by storm. 

After leaving university and starting work as a tutor nearly a decade ago, LinkyThinks Founder & Creative Director Alexander Rosenberg used his unusual multidisciplinary background in both fine art and a masters in neuroscience & linguistics to develop resources that helped him engage struggling students, and make both teaching & learning more enjoyable.  

LinkyThinks’ mission is to show that, by linking different ways of thinking, we give children the power and freedom to express themselves creatively, academically & emotionally. This is something that many adults struggle with too. LinkyThinks online classes and resources are here to ensure that the next generation have a foundation in these skills, to carry them through into adulthood. 

LinkyThinks products & resources provide an innovative approach to literacy, vocabulary building, creative writing, mental health & wellbeing. 

Ahead of exhibiting at the Schools & Academies Show Birmingham 2022, we caught up with Alexander Rosenberg from LinkyThinks to discuss their products and their application in the classroom. You can tune into the full conversation below.


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